Reference Documents

Documents on policy proposals will be made available here by 18 April 2018.

So far...these are the items which may be taken up in the GA2018. BE THERE!

  1. Moving the Annual GA from every 3rd Friday to every 3rd Sat and Sunday.

  2. Allowing all MIGS to vote if registered in the GA. Online voting be allowed for those outside the Phils for as long as they are registered in the GA as well.

  3. Setting the term limits of the Chairperson, BOT and President, NEC to 4 years and the remaining to 2 years

  4. Establishing Institutionalized Incentives and Awards System for BOUs and Officials

  5. Changing the Percentages of Allocations drawn from the Individual Membership Dues, Charter Dues and Charter Application Fees

  6. Providing for Reinstatement for Expelled Members

  7. Restructuring the BOT and NEC with affirmative number of seats for the Sorority, 6 for the Collegiate Soro/Alumnae and 6 for Collegiate Frat/Alumni


    • Chairperson (M-F)
    • Vice Chairperson (F-M)
    • Director for Collegiate Soro
    • Director for Alumnae
    • Director for Collegiate Frat
    • Director for Alumni


    • NP (M-F)
    • EVP (F-M)
    • VP for Collegiate Soro
    • VP for Alumnae
    • VP for Collegiate Frat
    • VP for Alumni
  8. Proposed revisions on APP: focused on standards and equivalencies

  9. Recruitment Program: focused on campaigns

  10. Please review the Robert's Rule of Order. A guide is found here.

    Robert's Rule of Order