Aside from reuniting with our Sis and Brods whom we have not seen for a loooooong time, like yesterday or 10 years ago…..meeting new friends…..taking up challenges…..having as many “selfies groupies” for our FBs, IGs and what not…..stalking our “wanted” Sis and Brods….

We expect to have the following FIRSTS or REVIVALS while having FUN!
  1. A Dynamic Website which we hope to maintain for the annual GAs
  2. Entrance to the Plenary Hall becomes a Solidarity Walk (all delegates)
  3. All Delegates in Business Professional Attire with non-discriminatory clause
  4. Brown Bag Sessions (Sorority-Vagina Monologues, Fraternity- Andro Convo)
  5. Torch and Trefoil Newspaper Format and will be available online
  6. Simultaneous Alumni and Collegiate Assemblies
  7. Nationwide "Takbo ng APO"
  8. Regional ID Presentations and Regional Banners
  9. Regional Competitions
  10. “The Good Turn”, the APO Phils magazine, a souvenir publication for GA 2018
  11. Themed President's and Chairperson's Night
  12. Fireworks

We are also anticipating the following to be taken up in the plenary sessions, because we can be serious at times :)
  1. Policy Charter/IRR of the By-Laws;
  2. Proposed revisions on APP;
  3. Proposed Recruitment Program; and
  4. Policy paper on voting rights of MIGS

And of course, we can have the following SIGNIFICANT ACTS per our By-Laws thru affirmative vote of at least 2/3 of the quorum. (Quorum to transact business is defined as majority of the institutional members, life members and the alumni associations duly registered for the assembly)

  1. Amendment of the Articles or By-Laws;
  2. Ratification of any contract entered by a trustee or officer without prior authority;
  3. Extension or shortening of the organization term;
  4. Selling, leasing, exchanging, mortgaging, pledging or otherwise disposing of all or substantially all the organizational assets;
  5. Investment of organizational funds in another entity or undertaking or for any purpose other than primary purpose;
  6. Delegation to the National Board of Trustees of the power to amend or repeal the By-Laws
  7. Dissolution; and
  8. Appointment of Auditors.

Program of activities


18 MAY 2018

  • 1445H/2:45PM to 1630H/4:30PM
    Assembly of Colors, Official and Regular Delegates, and Guests
    Entry of Colors, all Registered Delegates, and Guests
    Welcoming of Participants
    VENUE: Lobby to Plenary Hall 1
    ATTIRE: Business Professional
  • 1630H/4:30PM to 1730H/5:30PM
    Opening of the General Assembly (to follow Order Of Business)
    VENUE: Plenary Hall 1
    ATTIRE: Business Professional
    1. Proof of Service of Notice of Meeting
    2. Determination of Quorum
    3. Call to Order
    4. Approval of Agenda


19 MAY 2018

  • 0830/8:30AM to 1000H/10:00AM
    Simultaneous Collegiate and Alumni Assemblies
    VENUE: Plenary Hall 1
    ATTIRE: Business Professional

    1000H/10:00AM to 1800H/6:00PM (inclusive of breaks)
    Continuation of GA session
    VENUE: Plenary Hall 1
    ATTIRE: Business Professional
    1. Reading and Approval of Minutes of Previous Assembly
    2. Chairperson’s Report
    3. President’s Report
      1. Financial Report
      2. Operations Report
    4. Unfinished Business
    5. New Business
    6. Appointment of Auditors
    7. Adjournment


19 MAY 2018

  • 1800H/6:00PM to 1900H/7:00PM
    Break/Prep for the Night’s Event

    1900H/7:00PM to 2400H/12MN
    President's/Chairperson's Night
    ATTIRE: Party wear by decade or Themed (to be led by Regional Officers)
    1. Recognitions
      1. "Unsung" Brods and Sis (Photo submission by Region)
      2. Oldest Batch with ID
      3. Oldest Memorabilla
      4. Highest number of delegates (minimum of 10)
    1. Street Dance Competition
    2. Individual and Group Competitions
      1. Individual Singing Contest
      2. APO Got Talent
    3. Games/by Region/Voting/Judging
    4. Awarding
      1. Individual Singing Contest
      2. APO Got Talent Contest
      3. Street Dance Competition
    5. Fellowship Party (Cocktails TBA)