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Technical Support

More than Tech Help.

Anything amiss with a computer unit is enough to ruin anyone’s day so we can totally relate to how this translates in the business scale. LGO can be your resident IT personnel who is only one call away (no, really).

If something malfunctions, just gives us a ring. And while we’re at it, we could teach you some tips to take care of your devices, too.

» PC Troubleshooting

Getting the classic ’freeze‘ or what we fondly refer to as ’hang‘? System not booting at all? Weird noises on the tower (CPU)? Display suddenly turned black on you? Exploding power supply? Or, heaven forbid, lost Internet connection? We’ve had our share of those digital misfortunes so we feel you. And we know how frustrating it is to try and solve this over the phone with an oftentimes average tech guy. No worries, LGO sends an actual live person to assess the issue (see how serious we sound) and solve it then and there, well, as much as possible. Most PC troubles can be solved by a few clicks and tweaks on the hardware but there are times when the cause can be hardware-related. If so, you will be promptly advised if there is a need to replace something (or everything) on your unit. (We could even teach you a few handy tricks like doing cold shutdown.)

While it’s cool to try and solve the issues yourself, not everyone can afford the time and effort to so. Fortunately, it’s just easy to get in touch with us. Just fill up our Request form and we’re ready to roll.

» Installations

Whether it’s your favorite RPG or that urgent converter you need or a version of Linux OS for your dual boot, LGO will install one for your system. Installing programs and new hardware is among our expertise. So to avoid those pesky error messages and ’unrecognized hardware‚ scenario, better to just hand it to the pros.

On the other hand, perhaps you desperately want to rid yourself of that program which has very cleverly hid or did not provide the uninstall file. LGO will handle the removal job and that program won’t bother you anymore in the future. (Unless you went ahead and installed it again.)

Anyway, just let us know using the Request form and we’ll look into it right away.

» Driver Updates / Configurations

Sometimes plugging in a new hardware into your unit triggers an error message or an outright freeze of the system. Just failure to adapt, no need to panic. We just need to properly update the necessary drivers for that OS. These are normal stuff that computer units go through in their respective lifetimes and LGO is more than happy to help them deal with it.

Or perhaps you did not install or plug in anything new to the unit, but it suddenly went MIA on you. This might be because of a driver that is not up to date that your OS decides new features are in order so it sends you a hint to update already.

Meanwhile, doing configurations entail more than tweaking your settings to get the optimal performance capability ergo increased work productivity. First and foremost, it means assembling your choice of hardware and software then hooking them all up in a way that makes best sense. Certain programs require specific config standards that your system must have before you can use it so this one’s also important.

But don’t sweat it with the technical deets, just drop us a line ;)

» Networking

Setting up a network connection for one computer terminal is pretty straightforward and can be done by anyone. But if you’re talking about hooking up multiple computer units into the Internet, then you need to know the difference between an RJ45 and a UTP cable (or a router and a switch, for that matter). Having a local network in your office, building or computer cafe, for one, makes it easier for users to share files, and for another, makes life easier for the network administrator.

LGO has the proper skill set and equipment to effectively set up a network that could include the following:

  • Firewall
  • File Sharing
  • Printer
  • Internet
  • Chat and Email

» Repair Maintenance

A computer unit that is running and being used all day for days on end requires serious maintenance at least once a month. This is like a med checkup for people that should, ideally, be done periodically.

LGO can service your business with a routine check-up of units that comes with necessary stuff to prolong their lives and increase performance.


If you think just troubleshooting wouldn’t cut it, then don’t go and try to ‘reformat’ it just yet. It has been the norm for PC owners to do the popular ‘reformat’ every time a seemingly ‘grave’ issue will befall their units. This is wrong in many ways. Let us diagnose what’s really wrong with the unit first before we take any drastic steps.


As part of our maintenance offerings, we also have data purging – which is actually deleting data from a drive. A common misconception in reformatting a drive is that everything will be ‘deleted’ from it once it is done. On the surface it might look that way, but those files can still be recovered by special tools. Really erasing the data from a drive is done by overwriting, something that is not done in a common computer’s high-level formatting phase.