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Software Development

More than Code

LGO offers custom-made
  • apps
  • business productivity packages
  • and we do Plugins too!

for your wordpress blog accounts
chrome or firefox
animation, videos, games
effects and total experience
don't always update automatically
extends the capability and functionality of __ to do anything
software component
enables an even more robust customization
supporting specific file formats, malware scanners,
and enables easy updates/additions of features
makes the core application more lighter in terms of memory and gives the user choice in what to add

  • email clients
  • advanced graphics/flash
  • media players
  • language support
  • programming languages


Smartphones, productivity apps, time-killers, photo/video sharing, customized, basically whatever you can think of

Yep, every full-pledged program/software worth using is worth using in your smartphone/tablet. We do that, too. LGO can turn your existing software into an app so you can use it everywhere. Or we can make a brand new one especially for you.

Want your smartphone to notify you when are the show dates of your favorite movie will be? And the box-office __ it hit every day?

Want a

We make an app for that (and for countless other things that are supposed to make life easier for you).


Inventory, Payroll, Network Admin, Database

LGO makes large-scale projects, too. We can build a whole suite of personalized programs for your business needs. That includes anywhere from accounting, inventory, employee records, payroll, point-of-sales

  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Employee Records
  • Payroll
  • Point-of-sales
  • Scheduling
  • Network Manager