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SEO//not only do we, SEO practices sure comes in handy in the ORM department, in burying those nasty and libelous results, words attached to your brand/name by creating more relevant, positive and useful __

The backbone of any effective ORM campaign is a proactive SEO. LGO utilizes all the necessary SEO tools and strategies to back the ORM up.

SERP//search engine results are undoubtedly important in any online campaign, especially google, reputation

Search Engine Results Page.

Search engine results page is the __ sheet we check against to make sure the campaign we launched is doing what it should for you. This is where we see how much, if at all, impact has been made by a particular ORM campaign on your behalf. Translation: how much the bad stuff about you has gone down in the results page and how much the good and legit stuff has gone up/prominent.

The SEO Factor

knowing what works in SEO campaigns we sure know what should work in ORM

The SERPs.

keyword query

basically, the goal is to get those results containing bad rep down the Internet black hole and push the legit and accurate results to the first page looks easy but nothing could be more misleading
looks easy but nothing could be more misleading
sponsored links, ad listings that are inserted in search results